What It Means to Vape Caffeine

vaping caffeine

Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant in the United States. Aside from coffee and tea, the substance is also found in soft drinks, chocolate, and prescription drugs, such as pain relievers, cold and allergy medications, and even diet pills. It’s also addictive like nicotine.

People who consume it regularly develop a tolerance for it, meaning that they need to ingest progressively greater amounts to continue getting the same effect.

Caffeine causes physical dependence, producing withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, headaches, and fatigue when its use is discontinued. People who stop using caffeine also experience a craving for it, which is a sign of psychological dependence.

It is generally agreed that daily caffeine consumption equal to the amount contained in one cup of coffee or soft drink (under 240 milligrams) is probably harmless, but that consumption over 600 milligrams (the amount in four cups of coffee) can cause anxiety, sleep and digestive disorders, a rapid heartbeat, and other health problems.

What if, instead of drinking coffee, you were going to vape it? Will it have the same rich flavor and aroma as the time-honored beverage? Is it going to be as stimulating as the popular beverage?

According to this FAQ page on the Eagle Energy Vapor Stick website, this caffeinated vaporizer tastes just like an energy drink because of the taurine and ginseng in it. However, it uses guarana seed extract as an alternative ingredient to coffee bean extract.

Each stick “contains 0.08% caffeine content per mL, which is within Health Canada and FDA regulations as well as the same content by volume as the leading energy drink.” Considering that the guarana seed contains natural caffeine about 2.5 times stronger than the caffeine found in coffee, tea, or cocoa, a ratio of less than one percent in every milliliter of e-liquid is enough to give you a good boost of energy.

Moreover, the seeds offer properties that have beneficial effects on one’s health.

In addition to its energy boosting abilities, guarana is said to have other health benefits. According to Phyllis Balch in her book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing,” guarana seed extract acts as a general tonic and intestinal cleanser and it can help to reduce symptoms of inflammatory intestinal disorders.

If you’d rather have nicotine-laced e-juice mixed with caffeine, then ask for one with liquid caffeine additive that’s made from guarana extract. Some vape shop owners offer to have your e-juice mixed for you, so you don’t have to compute the ratio of the caffeine extract to add to your e-liquid solution.


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