On the Question About Adding Alcohol to Your Ejuice


I wish I could say vaporized alcohol is all the rage these days. But, the truth of the matter is it’s been all the rage since the early 2000’s. In 2004, Slate Magazine reported that Dominic Simler of Great Britain has invented a new machine called Alcohol Without Liquid or AWOL, which dispenses alcohol in vaporized form. The wily entrepreneur promoted his invention as “a low-cal, low-carb way to enjoy liquor, with no hangover.”

Needless to say, the idea was a hit among party goers.

When people smoke alcohol, they heat it up. Or, they pour it over dry ice. This makes a vapor which they inhale into their lungs. Inhaling alcohol vapor causes a rapid and intense “high.” Absorption through the lungs provides almost instant delivery of the alcohol to the bloodstream and the brain; the effects of the alcohol are felt very quickly.  Small amounts of inhaled alcohol may make a person much more drunk than drinking the alcohol instead.

Despite warnings from medical experts, however, people continue to enjoy the benefits of vaporized alcohol either in bars or at home. This include mixing alcohol with other products, such as e-juice. Questions about mixing alcohol with e-juice abound in forums dedicated to electronic cigarette use. The members have been very helpful with their answers.

“On weekends I use a 3.5 ml DCT with high AG ratio (VG 85% / 15% vodka (good throat hit) with a red bullion flavour. When in our local bar when asked what we are vaping its vodka red bull (ion) people are surprised at this but there is so little vodka in total.”

One of them provided a more practical point of view regarding adding alcohol to a custom e-juice recipe:

“Okay, when you use an oil such as anise or peppermint, it separates from other liquids really easily. By adding vodka or other alcohol it breaks down the oil, but keeps the flavor from it. There are other uses for adding these to the liquid, such as diluting. You want to keep these items to the smallest amount possible as it can affect the thickness and flammability of the liquid.”

Of course, the presence of alcohol in e-liquids is never a fail-safe thing. There’s a huge possibility that vapers will experience complications in vaping alcohol along with nicotine and other ingredients. Better be on the safe side, and avoid mixing alcohol with your e-juice recipe.


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