Don’t Let Vaping Bans Stop You


There are ways around the rising hysteria over indoor vaping in restaurants, offices and public places. One of those ways is to vape in your parked car without minors around. Make sure you’re very discreet. Pumping up your mod and filling your car with billowing clouds of vapor may catch unwanted attention.

And, one of the best mods for this kind of adventure in vaping is the iTaste DRV, which was touted to be the first e-cig system specifically designed for use in cars. You can charge the mod from your car’s lighter socket, which is usually a 12/24 volt DC connector. The company’s press release further stated:

In order to provide you with the best vaping experience possible, the iTaste DRV now has an increased power variable voltage range of 4.2 to 6.4 and can be used in both automatic draw and manual vaping modes.

The iTaste Innokin DRV now has a longer, high durability retractable coiled cord that has a resting length of 20cm and can extend to a maximum length of 270cm. It can be used with any 510 thread clearomizer and is packaged with 2 iClear 16D dual bottom coil clearomizers which provide an exceptional vaping hit.

Don’t let these vaping bans get to you. Fight for your freedom to vape when you travel by seeking out smoking areas in airports around the world. A very helpful thread at E-cigarette Forum listed a few notes on each international airport some of the forum members have visited. Read the rest of the thread from the oldest to the latest comments to see updates and whether some of the airports have changed their policies since vaping became popular all over the world.

Another solution to vaping bans in the transportation and public sectors is an e-cigarette that doesn’t produce any vapor when exhaled. The aerosol it produces is completely absorbed into the body and the vaper essentially exhales air instead of vapor.

Unlike existing e-liquids, which e-cigarette devices convert into a fine harmless mist that the user exhales, the vapour produced by Clear Steam dissipates prior to being exhaled. Developed in British laboratories following extensive research, JAC Vapour’s investment in Clear Steam aims to make e-cigarettes even more distinguishable than their traditional counterparts – a visual concern that has resulted in a spate of public bans.

The company assures customers that this new e-cig delivers the same strength, flavour and throat hit that they are renowned for providing. It also addresses the major concern of some non-smokers about cloud chasers vaping in public. It won’t fill the cab of your car with clouds of vapor and it won’t bother your fellow passengers in the bus, train or plane.

Obviously, cloud chasers won’t be satisfied with something like this. But, for those of you who do appreciate it, it’s the kind of e-cig that you can use while driving to work or driving home. You can also bring it along when you travel and vape in the interim between flying in and out of airports, or maybe, between rest stops if you’re riding the bus.

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