How to Find the “All Day Vape” E-Liquid for You

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Those who are known as “flavor chasers” in the vaping community are always on the lookout for their “all-day vape” liquids. With fancy names like “Crème Brulee” and “Caffe Latte” on their labels, these flavored e-juices deliver the aerosol equivalent of those comfort foods or relaxing drinks that vapers look for when they want to relax and feel better after a stressful day at work. If you’re new to vaping and wondering how to figure out your tasting profile, check out the following tips we’ve gathered from all corners of the web.

Step 1: Figure out your own flavor profile.

Your flavor profile consists of all flavors you liked in food and beverages, which include alcoholic mixed drinks. Do you like to indulge in a tub of ice cream when you’re feeling blue? What flavors do you like? How about cakes and pastries? List down your favorite drinks and eats and let this guide you to creating your flavor profile.

Step 2: Check out the different types of flavored e-juices available in the market.

Vaping liquids are commonly grouped together into six flavor categories: dessert and bakery, fruity or citrusy flavors, fruits and cream, coffee-based flavors, minty and mentholated flavors, and tobacco-based flavors. Rather than follow what other vapers have chosen for their all-day vape or ADV, do your own research. Pick out a couple of e-juices – preferably the more popular ones – from each category you have an affinity for and test them.

The best use for your money is to buy sampler packs from popular vendors.

Try sampler packs from some of the more common e-juice vendors that get praise. Because these sampler packs typically consist of small quantities (10 – 15 ml) of many flavors, this is your best bet at finding that vape you can’t live without.

Zodist has an idea on how to go about testing these flavors:

Vape the original flavor, then the new flavor, then the original and again with the new. (Works best if you have a rebuildable dripper) Do this at least 3 times, and if you get a “DAMN!” reaction, then you’re golden. If it’s just a meh reaction, keep going down your list.

It seems to be a good idea. I’ve done a few testings this way, comparing similar flavors from different brands. I’ve also learned to create my own criteria in choosing my ADV juices.

Step 3: Create a criteria when evaluating each flavored e-juice.

How do you judge each liquid’s performance? You know you can’t be satisfied with just the flavor. You also need to check how smooth the mouth, throat and lung hits are for each e-juice.

Another thing to consider is the ratio of propylene glycol to the vegetable glycerin. If you’re an ex-smoker who loved the sharp throat hit of cigarettes, then you’d surely want a higher percentage of propylene glycol in your e-juice.

Most vapers, however, prefer a balance between the throat hit harshness and the smooth mouth and lung hits that come from absorbing nicotine into the system. This is why e-liquids with a 70-30 mix of PG and VG are more commonly found in people’s vaping kits. Vapor Jedi has created a brilliantly simple guide to choosing e-liquids with the best mix of PG, VG and nicotine.

If, in the end, you failed to find the perfect all-day vape liquid for you, then the next step to your search is to mix your own. There are many tutorials and forums that serve as guide for new vapers into creating custom e-juices for them and their friends.

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