Problems You’ll Encounter When You’re New to Vaping

vaper's tongue

Image Credit: Evil Erin via Flickr under Creative Commons

Cigarette smokers coming from a two-pack-a-day habit to vaping will experience some discomfort and pain in the early days of their transition period. The sudden change in nicotine and tar inhalation leads to withdrawal symptoms, which include an inability to taste anything, some dryness in the mouth and of the skin, and inexplicable aches in the head, shoulders and other parts of the body.

Here are some possible explanations of these symptoms and suggestions on how you can relieve the pain and discomfort as you shift from smoking to vaping.

Dryness in the Mouth and Nose

In the first few days of vaping, you’ll probably experience some dryness in the mouth because of the dehydrating effects of propylene glycol. As your craving for cigarettes grows, so does the frequency of your vaping. And so, you have these PG particulates in the vapor rampaging inside your mouth and attracting moisture from the surrounding tissue.

Don’t worry about this too much. Try to drink lots of water as advised by The Ecig Alternative:

The dry mouth side effect is usually easily rectified by increasing water intake; i.e. small sips of water often. This doesn’t mean to say you’ll necessarily be sipping water non-stop, just that your water consumption may increase.

Pretty soon, the urge to keep on sucking the vapor gradually recedes and you let go of your need for nicotine. Your mouth won’t be as dry as in the beginning of your transition period.

However, if you’d rather not experience these problems while you’re trying to wean yourself from analogs, then you’re better off vaporizing e-liquids that have 100% vegetable glycerin and zero propylene glycol.

The Vaper’s Tongue Syndrome

Smokers who go through an average of two packs each day are going to experience the dreaded vaper’s tongue. It’s estimated that each cigarette stick has only around 1.2 mg of nicotine, and up to 20 mg of total aerosol residue. Vaping doesn’t leave much residue in your mouth, however. As a result, your tongue reels from the shock of rolling in white vapor, which is devoid of strong chemicals that it’s been used to being exposed to when you were still smoking tobacco.

This leads to dryness and numbness in the mouth and the taste buds stop working. You won’t be able to taste what you’re eating or drinking, and this in turn causes your appetite to wane a bit. Good news is the problem’s a temporary one. Your tongue’s capability to identify different tastes and sensations returns as soon as your mind and body have adjusted to your new lifestyle.

Quit Zits and Dry Skin

Again, the dehydrating effect of too much propylene glycol in the system is at work here. Dry skin around the mouth and other parts of the body can be remedied by moisturizers and drinking lots of water. As you shift from smoking to vaping, your body starts releasing toxins and these can lead to breakouts called “quit zits.” They’re mild and easily treated with skin cleansing products and anti-acne creams.

Sore Throat, Canker Sores and Other People’s Bad Reactions to Quitting

People who are just starting out often deal with sore throat because of the frequency of their vaping. When this happens to you, simply pop a lozenge or two in between vapes. You’ll probably see an increase in saliva and phlegm, which leads to coughing and nasal congestion.

A sore throat is the least of your problems, however.

Smokers may experience canker sores in the beginning of their transition to vaping. Users find it is related to nicotine content and frequently occurs when the vaping liquid touches the lips and mouth.

Smoking tobacco raises alkalinity, which means your mouth becomes less acidic. When you stop smoking or trade for e-cigs, your mouth has to re-calibrate – essentially, it is too acidic. Therefore, it is not necessarily the e-cigs that cause canker sores, but the lack of smoking.

If you’re looking for canker sore remedies, take B6 and B12 vitamin supplements – being vitamin deficient can lead to the bacteria responsible for the sores. Avoid spicy foods, and also try a specialty breath freshening rinse to ward off the troublesome ulcers.

If you suddenly see your nose bleeding, don’t be alarmed. This bloody symptom is caused by exhaling through the nose when vaping. It dries out your nostrils and causes the thin tissue lining the inside of your nose to tear easily. The trick is to avoid blowing the vapor through your nose.

Other side effects of your journey to free yourself from nicotine addiction are headaches and sinus problems; dry, puffy eyes; shaking, nausea and dizziness; muscle spasms and cramps; sleeplessness and restlessness; a burning sensation around the mouth and on your face; and hives appearing on your upper body.


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