Organic Nicotine Liquids, Finer Mist Particles and Solar-Powered Vaporizers

The recent spate of smoking bans across the United States shouldn’t stop vaping fans from enjoying a relaxing drag from their electronic cigarettes. Because of the latest technological advancements in the industry, vaping is now a less harmful activity to non-smokers and more fun for every fan. Check out these three vaping products that made it from the lab to the real world.

World’s First USDA-Approved Organic Nicotine in Liquid Form

Getting a stamp of approval from the federal government can be an arduous and expensive process, but Vape Organics seems to have overcome the difficulties of getting their vaping products certified by the USDA. In September 2014, the company launched a successful line of nicotine-free e-liquids made from vegetable extracts and organic substances. Now, they’re releasing a new line of e-juices that contain organic nicotine.

organic nicotine e-juice

Vape Organics e-juices have different flavors, including Caffe Latte and Apple Caramel. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Much like organic cigarettes in the past, the tobacco used to make organic nicotine was nourished with natural fertilizers and protected from pests and diseases using chemical-free pesticides. Moreover, this organic e-liquid has been refined until none of the harmful chemicals in tobacco was left, and combined with a variety of flavors that deliver a unique vaping experience to users.

Eko Handoko, founder of Vape Organics, discussed this historical milestone in the vaping industry in a recent press release:

“To maintain product integrity and fulfill our mission of offering the vape community the highest quality products, we set out to develop a truly organic nicotine that is both USP grade and uniquely free of any petroleum-derived solvent. After many months of extensive R&D, and a lengthy application pending period, Vape Organics is proud to have secured USDA organic certification for our proprietary nicotine.”

More Mist Particles in One Drag, More Nicotine-laced Smoke to Enjoy

KIMREE is known as one of the largest manufacturers of e-cigarettes and vaping supplies in the world. The company has just launched a new refillable vaporizer that makes use of their proprietary dual vaping transformation technology. According to Liu Qiuming, president of KIMREE, this technology uses only a small amount of liquid to produce a misty spray that results to a thicker stream of smoke.

“We created a unique atomizer which can produce much more vapor but with a smaller size. And its strong power provides JS042 Plus outstanding atomizing performance so that it can rivals competitors that have higher power. Furthermore, we believe the mouth-deep lung dual vaping transformation technology not only enables JS042 Plus to satisfy common e-cigarette users, but also could make it a new favorite of fashionable vapor enthusiasts,” he said in an official press release.

Battery-Free Vaporizer Powered by the Sun

Following the solid performance of the Passive Electron Storage Array (Solaris PESA) in previous vaping devices of Solaris Power Cells, Inc., the company is now releasing a new type of e-cigarette battery called the Solaris F-Series Vapor Mod. Unlike the standard lithium batteries of other vaporizers, this one offers non-replaceable power storage that lasts a long time and doesn’t need to be recharged through an electrical outlet. So, the vaporizer practically runs on solar energy and requires less than two minutes to refill its power bank.

A press release in Nasdaq provides a brief description of the product:

Unique features of the F-Type Vape Mod are that it charges in under two minutes compared to hours when using traditional rechargeable vapor mod batteries, and that it can undergo over 500,000 charge and discharge cycles on a single PESA™ cell. Typical lithium type batteries can only yield hundreds of charge and discharge cycles before failure. In addition the power performance of the F-Type Vape Mod is superior to battery powered mods and never requires battery replacement.

Years of research has already proven that vaping can reduce the harmful effects of tobacco in smokers and discourages non-smokers from starting the habit. Because of these technological wonders, the future looks brighter and healthier for everyone in the vaping community.

Image Credit: Vape Organics


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